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In Kyiv, at the location of traffic accident unknown man grabbed journalist's microphone and threw it down from the bridge

27.12.2017, 13:20
In Kyiv, on December 25, unidentified man attacked the journalist of the TV company “Magnolia-TV” Anastasia Bereziy on the traffic accident site when the road police was registering the accident. The man grabbed her microphone, threw it on the ground, stomped on it, and threw it down to the road underneath from the bridge, media cimpany “Kyiv operatyvnyi” reports on their Facebook page. The traffic accident took place on the overcrossing near Lybidska square - jeep Toyota Land Cruiser, probably crushed into the roadside guard rail, and then turned over to its side. No one was injured in the accident. As “Kyiv operatyvnyi” reported, in several minutes after the accident, some "support group" arrived to the scene - three Toyota cars (all with similar number plates, different only in letters) and one Audi. Inside the cars, there were men of athletic builds carrying tactical bags for weapons. They surrounded the site of the accident and were intentionally getting on the way of journalists' cameras not to allow the video recording. One of the men ran to the journalist and grabbed her microphone, stomped on it and threw it down from the bridge afterwards. Patrol police officers in response took the man to their car. Also, the media company mentioned that the men were threatening the journalists several times, but the police officers did not show any response to the threats in spite of being nearby. The journalists consider this case an obstruction to their professional activities. Police was called to the site, and the official complaint about the crime was filed by the journalists.
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