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In Kharkiv, police beat streamer, who was televising live Euromaidan assembly

23.06.2014, 23:30

On June 22, in Kharkiv during the local Euromaidan assembly police officers beat the streamer Victor Pichuhin, who was televising the event live. He was streaming it on the IT-sector channel. According to Pichuhin, during the assembly the activist of Civil Guard of Kharkiv Valentyn Bystrichenko encouraged the Euromaidan to go to Svoboda Square to show that Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city. A part of the rally participants followed him but at the entrance to the square they were stopped by a police cordon. A lot of police officers had no insignia on them. The cordon harshly stopped any attempts of Euromaidan supporters to get through to the square.  

The streamer was standing with his back to the police to film the main group of Euromaidan supporters when he was attacked by police officers armed with truncheons. They disregarded his explanation that he was a journalist and hit him, so he let his phone out of his hands and fell on the ground.

They hit him on the back with their truncheons and kicked him several times. Later,  Pichuhin filed a complaint with the police. 

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