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In Donetsk, terrorists held Ukrainian journalist captive for two weeks

21.05.2014, 12:58

A Ukrainian photo correspondent, Milana Omelchuk, 22 y.o., was held captive for two weeks by terrorists from the organization "Donetks People’s Republic", and now she has finally returned to Kyiv. According to Ukrinform, she was kept in a basement and got food once in every two days; she was pumped with unknown drugs. Currently Milana Omelchuk is being examined and treated at hospital.

It became known that she got kidnapped, on May 6, when her personal belonging and her phone were found by an accident in a city park and taken to the local police department. For a week there were no news from her, and on May 13, Milana’s sister received a call from the kidnappers, who demanded for her a ransom of UAH 50 thousand (about USD 5 thousand), and threatened Milana’s health and life if their demands were not met.

After several bouts of negotiations facilitated by the Open Dialog Foundation specialists  Milana’s sister managed to persuade the terrorists it was impossible to pay them this amount. On May 18, without any warning they let the journalist go with no money or documents. She contacted a representative of the Open Dialog Foundation," and on May 20 she was sent to Kyiv. 

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