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In Dobropillia, hired thugs did not allow the journalist of Radio Liberty to the session of city council

22.09.2017, 16:33
On September 20, the freelance correspondent who works for Radio Liberty, Artem Liutyi was not admitted to the session room of Dobropillia city council (Donetska oblast) by unknown men of athletic build (Donetska oblast). The men were behaving aggressively and tried to hit the camera  in the journalist's hands, without explaining why they do it. Artem Liutyi reported this to IMI. According to the journalist, he learned about the session from the city council web-site. Yet, when he came to the city council building to cover the session, the mentioned unknown men did not permit him to do it They were just standing on the way, saying some nonsense about "standing in a line". Then, the journalist unsheathed his camera, wore his badge with journalist ID, and tried to get into the assembly hall while recording the people who were obstructing him. This time, the men were aggressive, and started hitting his camera. Vice-mayor Oleksiy Halytskyi, who was the witness of that, refused to call the police on request of the journalist. Artem Liutyi added that journalist of online media outlet “Shkvarky” and the editor of the minicipal newspaper “Novyi shliakh” also were not able to get in for the session. The journalist called police and filed an official complaint on impediment to journalist activities. Later Artem Liutyi learned that his complaint on obstruction was not added to the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations. The journalist intends to petition about this to the prosecutor's office. As IMI reported yesterday, on September 14 in the same city, Dobropillia (Donetska oblast) three unidentified men attacked journalist who exposes local corruption wielding iron bars.
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