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In Dnipro, security guards pushed journalist out of city council

09.06.2016, 18:25

On June 8, during the break at the session of Dnipro (formerly Dnipropetrovsk) city council, the journalist of the studio “Aktsent” and anchor from the TV and Radio Company “Region” Oleksander Slavnyi was pushed out from the city council hall by the employees of the Communal Enterprise “Municipal Guards”. Slavnyi described this incident to IMI representative in Dnipropetrovska oblast.

He said that he wanted to take a walk in the break, but four security guards grabbed him and threw him out of the restricted area past the turn-gate. After the break, Slavnyi was able to return to the session hall and continue his work. The city council press service reports that Slavnyi was coming down from the balcony for press to the session room proper.

  Slavnyi filed an official complaint to the police regarding the misconduct of the security guards.

Svitlana Yepifantseva, vice-mayor, also filed an official complaint against the journalist. She claims the journalist was verbally offending her in response to her request to vacate the seat of vice-mayor that he took.

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