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In Dnipro, fake issue of free newspaper was produced and disseminated

11.09.2017, 23:15
In Dnipro, fake issue of free newspaper “Masky” was produced, which positions itself as an opposition city media outlet. The fake is designed just like the original (with an identical logo, design of columns and fonts) and includes publication information of the original, local media outlet “Litsa” reports. In the fake newspaper, there were materials focused on discrediting the original and “whitewashing” the image of the city mayor Borys Filatov. The editorial staff of newspaper “Masky” filed the relevant complaint to the National Police, along with photos of those who disseminated the newspaper and their vehicles that delivered the fake newspaper. Before, in the end of June, the employees of the communal enterprise “Municipal guards”, which is the security company servicing the city council, according to the claim of the editor of the newspaper “Masky” Oleksandr Korobkov, confiscated part of the produced copies of the newspaper. Oleksandr Korobkov said that the newspaper is an officially registered media outlet, and is in opposition to the mayor, Borys Filatov, so "Municipal Guards" had no right to do this. The first issue of newspaper “Masky” was produced on June 8, with the number of copies 200 thousand, and was given out on the streets of Dnipro for free. The media outlet reprints criticism from social networks, claims of civil activists and anti-corruption investigations of the activities of the city council. Some activists reported that their materials were published in the newspaper without their consent.
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