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In Crimea, citizen journalist taken by force to police station

28.12.2020, 19:12
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In the morning of December 28, a citizen journalist was "forcibly put in a service car and took awayfrom his house" in the village of Vilne, Dzhankoi district by Russian police officers, as Krym.Realii reported.

According to “Crimean Solidarity”, Vilen Temeryanov was taken to the police station at 20 Futbolistiv Street in Simferopol.

His wife said that they were going to visit their family in Krasnoperekopsk.

“The car did not start. While he was trying to get what caused malfunction, three employees approached us. They began to say, “Why are you deceiving us? You are not going to Krasnoperekopsk! ” Apparently, they called her husband earlier. I was sitting in the car with my son. My husband was the first to demand their ID documents, but they didn't seem to hear him. Then me, I started asking about their ID documents. But they did not show any documents. They said that "everything to be explained in court" in Simferopol. They blocked him on both sides, placing him at the dead end, ”the woman said.

Later, the lawyer Emil Kurbedinov said on Facebook that Temeryanov was brought to the Central District Court of Simferopol. "The administrative files concerned allegedly organizing a mass event," he said.

Russian law enforcement officials in Crimea have not commented on the incident.

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