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In Chernivtsi, journalists of TV channel TVA were obstructed when they tried to record footage for their story about contested apartment

13.10.2017, 21:03
On October 3 in Chernivtsi, the filming crew of local TV channel TVA - journalist Yulia Steranka and cameraman Denys Zhyriad - were obstructed in performing their professional activities as they tried to take footage for the story about eviction from contested apartment. This was the story of the company, published at the web-page of the channel in Facebook. The filming crew was taking footage about eviction from contested apartment of a woman with two minor children at 251 Ruska street. As the story tells, the new owner of the apartment brought several young men in sportswear who broke the door of the apartment. No officials were present during the act - neither from the enforcement service not from an office for affairs of minors. The daughter of the new owner tried to pry off camera from the cameraman's hands as he was recording the aftermath and the police was present in the location. The journalists filed an official complaint to the police about the obstruction to lawful journalist activities.
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