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In Chernihiv region, journalist was beaten for article published two years ago

17.01.2015, 16:35

On January 14, in Chernihiv region a journalist of the newspaper “Mayak” (Koriukivsky rayon) Victor Tataryn was beaten for the article he published two years ago. The journalist reported this to IMI himself.

The article in question was about the anniversary of the battle of Kruty (January 16, 1918, between Ukrainian students and the advancing Bolshevik army) and the role of one of his fellow villagers, a Bolshevik Oleksander Garniyer in this battle and in the revolutionary events of the early 20th century.

The attack was committed by did not like th eOleksander iyer  advancing Bolshevik army last year. m why they would interfere with Channel 5'Garniyer’s descendant and also Tataryn’s fellow villager Oleksander Garniyer. It happened in the morning when Tataryn was trying to hitch a ride to a town of Koriukivka. A car with two men in it stopped and picked him and when it started moving Garniyer, who was in the car, started to threaten Tataryn with a gun and to swear at him. He was accusing Tataryn of ruining his family’s reputation. Tataryn had med Garniyer earlier in different public settings and never had any altercations with him. Tataryn jumped out of the car, Garniyer followed him, pushed him on the ground, and tried to kick him in the head, then got into a car and left.

Tataryn got to the town, got his injuries examined at hospital, and filed a complaint with the local police which registered it as beating. 

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