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Editorial staff of Belarussian "Zvyazda" newspaper resigned as a whole

18.08.2020, 17:42
Photo credit: Euroradio
Photo credit: Euroradio

In Belarus, the entire staff of the Zvyazda newspaper resigned after the Ministry of Information fired Pavel Sukhorukov, editor-in-chief and director of the Zvyazda publishing house, as Euroradio reported.

As “Zvyazda” employee Irena Kotelovych said, when journalists claimed that they wanted to report only the truth about the developments in the country, the Information Minister Ihor Lutsky came to the editorial office to establish all the facts.

"Yesterday, my Zvyazda told the leadership that they were going to cover the events in the country honestly, such a kind of boycott - the Minister of Information came to the editorial office, then an ideologue from the Presidential Administration came too, and today the editor-in-chief was fired," Kotelovych wrote.

According to the publication, this is not the first manifestation of solidarity of labor collectives. The day before, the whole team supported the director of the Kupalovsky Theater Pavel Latushko, who was fired by the decision of the Council of Ministers.

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