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IMI's lawyers believe that the ban of filming limits the work of journalists

29.03.2017, 18:32

IMI's Legal Department believes the temporary bar provided by the Antiterrorist Center of the Security Service (SBU), which prohibits filming of soldiers and law enforcement officers, is significantly limit the work of journalists in ATO area.

IMI lawyers believe, that SBU interpretation on restriction is controversial and offer to discuss such restrictions with the SBU, the Presidential Administration and the Parliamentary Committee on Information Policy and Freedom of Speech.

As IMI's lawyer Maksym Ratushny noted, the temporary restrictions by SBU is not aiming journalists directly, but the prohibition of filming significantly limits the work of journalists in ATO area.

"Although, the restriction is not directed at journalists and can be applicable to all. These restrictions largely limit the work of journalists in the ATO area because the most of the journalistic materials from ATO are about militaries. This restriction is not compatible with the definition of restriction in a special legislation," - the lawyer said.

According to him, it is possible to make photo or film a person in case of having its agreement. 
Ratushny also noted that not all SBU restrictions in the area of ATO is relevant to the possible limitations stipulated by the Law on combating terrorism.

IMI's lawyer Roman Golovenko believes that journalists won't have problems, in case the military or police allowed them to shoot.

As reported, in Donetsk (March 23) and Luhansk (March 11) oblasts Terrorist Center of SBU introduced Temporary restrictions for residents. In particular, it is forbidden to film and take pictures of militaries, law enforcement, military, defense installations and facilities for all citizens.

Headquarters of the Antiterrorist Center (ATC) at the SBU provided IMI with explanation on reasons of introducing  temporary restrictions in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts - due to the decision of the head of the ATC, in order to strengthen countersabotage protection in ATO area. This is stated in a ATC headquarters of SBU reply to IMI's request.


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