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IMI launches new resource Jmama for security of journalists

21.01.2020, 15:32

IMI is launching a new resource, Jmama website, which aims to ensure the journalists' safety.

The journalists will find on Jmama website useful publications and advice from professional security experts. The articles are summarized in the sections "Risk Assessment and Planning", "First Aid for Journalists", "Journalists' Technical Assistance", "Cybersecurity" and "Legal Support".

Also, the website will allow to pass online tests and to verify one’s level of security, to fill in forms addressing to the authorities, to get an advice straight in one’s case.

“In journalism, we often do need that someone to remind us once again of some elementary rules: be careful while crossing the road, remember to evaluate one’s risks. Sometimes you need to refresh your knowledge, sometimes you have to work in new conditions and you have to prepare yourself for it. That's why IMI has launched Jmama that will take care of your journalistic life and remind you of seemingly basic but important security rules, ” as IMI security expert Iryna Zemlyana said.

As IMI reported, in 2019, the level of freedom of speech in Ukraine has slightly deteriorated, compared to last year (243 violations of journalists' rights in 2019 against 235 in 2018). The main challenge the journalists are facing in Ukraine is still physical aggression, which was identified in 172 cases.

The NGO "Institute of Mass Information" has an extensive experience in the field of journalistic activity since the Dignity Revolution, when IMI provided journalists with helmets, vests, respirators, pneumatic glasses. With the onset of Russian aggression, IMI has started the first free Security Library in Ukraine, in framework of which more than 500 Ukrainian and foreign journalists could serve Class 4+ body armors, Kevlar helmets and were able to safely cover the news in conflict zones. IMI has conducted over 10 security trainings, including at the training ranges and has published Journalist and (in) security guide, which has accumulated topical safety tips from professionals and experienced journalists.

We remind, IMI also has a free media emergency telephone line. For consultation, call (050) 447-70-63 and, please, send a message to: [email protected].

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