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IMI expert: "Publication related to "Myrotvorets" in The New York Times is a warning to Ukrainian authorities"

08.06.2016, 14:30

"The publication in The New York Times with a statement that Ukraine declared war on journalists is a warning call to the Ukrainian government that it can not turn a blind eye to publication of the list of journalists on the website "Myrotvorets", said IMI expert Roman Kabachiy in his interview in the program of the Espreso.TV TV channel as he commented the column by Ian Bateson in The New York Times concerning some of Ukrainian politicians actually supporting the publication of the list of journalist "accredited" in the occupied territories and their personal data. Also, Kabachiy emphasized that even those politicians that did not actively support it, turned a blind eye to the issue, and those who responded, did so with a delay and indecisively.  In particular, President Petro Poroshenko commented the event only on June 3, and  although he condemned the publication, he emphasized that authorities are very limited in influencing publications on an independent website

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