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Hromadske Radio website suffers an intense DDoS attack

08.11.2023, 17:13

The Hromadske Radio website suffered a large-scale DDoS attack on the morning of November 8, which resulted in many users having problems accessing the domain for some time.

As reported by the Hromadske Radio technicians team, this DDoS attack had a scale of approximately 75 million requests in 30 minutes.

Photo: screenshot by Hromadske Radio

"Usually we have 5 million requests per day. This is including the bots, Google and everything else. This time there were 75 million requests in 30 minutes – and these are not the classic landing page clicks, but requests to access the home page Judging by the number, it's 100% they're not people, someone was trying to disable the website."

As of now, the Hromadske Radio website has been fully restored.

As reported by the IMI, Facebook took down a post about Ukrainian Bulgarians by the author of the Hromadske Radio podcast "This is About Us", Victoria Yermolayeva.

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