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Hromadske Radio journalist had to sue to get information from Kyiv metro administration

19.02.2016, 13:39

Kyiv metro administration had to comply with the judgement of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv city, and provide, on request of the Hromadske Radio journalist Iryna Sedoviy, a copy of the contract between the communal enterprise "Kyiv metro railroad" and LLC "DOK-3" regarding regulation of land property and payment of compensation to LLC “DOK-3”, related to construction of the metro railroad line to Troyeshchyna district of Kyiv, specifically, the land adjacent to the metro bridge across the Dnieper river, “Dostup do Pravdy” informs.

The journalist continues investigation of budgetary spendings that, as she believes, were embezzled by corrupted officials and relatives of the former mayor of Kyiv, Chernovetskyi. Without the lawsuit, the administration refused to provide copies of the contracts claiming that they constitute private information and cannot be made public. It took several months of litigation to get access to these contracts of the communal enterprise.

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