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Hromadske demands MIA speaker to apologize for his words about Kutepov

07.03.2018, 14:55
Executive director of Hromadske Kateryna Horchynska expressed her indignation about the statement of the director of the communications department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Artem Shevchenko, who said that the journalist of Hromadske does not have evidence that force was used against him during the clashes near the building of the Parliament on March 3. This statement was released by Hromadske. As Hromadske pointed out, Artem Shevchenko made this claim in the joint broadcast by "UA:First" and Ukrainske Radio, even though the journalist, as the media outlet mentioned, published the evidence in question in the web on March 4. “Bohdan Kutepov did not give any evidence to back up his words. Those are just his words... Bohdan does not have any video, just his words and one photo, where he thinks that that person said something not very good to him and kicked him... I have my own opinion about Kutepov - other than his words, he did not provide anything. He talks a lot, but gives few evidence to support his words, that's his traditional brand style”, Hromadske quotes Shevchenko's words. Kutepov in his Facebook entry responded, that Shevchenko's words are not true, and published in the social network COUB a video to prove that Shevchenko lied. Hromdaske reminded that, in spite of the journalist wearing bright orange jacket inscribed "press" on the back, and journalist ID, the police was obstructing his video recording, and forced Kutepov out of the tent encampment. One of the police officers, trying to stop Kutepov's video recording, kicked his leg and swore at him using an obscenity.
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