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Hostomel city council introduced censorship with its decision

03.04.2013, 07:02
On February 21, 2013, the Hostomel village council of Kyiv Oblast decided to censor publications of local journalist Olena Zhezhera and national deputy assistant Mykhaylo Leznyk. Iryna Fedoriv, journalist and member of local council, wrote this on her blog on Ukrayinska Pravda. According to Fedoriv, after a arson of car belonging to a Hostomel village council deputy, journalist Zhezhera published an article about the event on the web-site of Kotsiubynske village community, Liznyk, in his turn, reposted the article on the web-site of his national deputy.

These two publications became the subject of a session of the Hostomel village council, after a respective address of local deputy Tetyana Shalman. The village council demanded Olena Zhezhera and Mykhaylo Liznyk to "refute the articles, which were posted on their web sites and contain inaccurate, unbalanced, unverified and unconfirmed information”. In addition, the village council demanded O.Zhezhera and M.Liznyk to prepare for publication new materials “with objective, balanced, reasoned information."

In addition, Zhezhera and Liznyk were ordered to familiarize local deputies with their articles in advance, before placing them in the media.

According to lawyer of the Institute of Media Law Igor Rozkladay, the decision of the Hostomel village council deputies was illegal, and the local power has no right to censor publications of independent journalists. 

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