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Half the Web's traffic in 2016 comes from bots

07.02.2017, 16:32

A new internet traffic report indicates that bots are responsible for more internet traffic than humans.

The Bot Traffic Report 2016 was compiled by Imperva Incapsula. It’s findings are quite surprising, but understandable in hindsight.

For the report, Imperva Incapsula generated data by analyzing “16.7+ billion visits to 100,000 randomly-selected domains.”

The biggest finding of the report is that humans only account for 48.2 percent of all online traffic. So called ‘good’ bots account for 22.9 percent of the traffic and ‘bad’ bots for the remaining 28.9 percent. Of these bots, 24.3 percent are ‘impersonators’ that “assume false identities to bypass security solutions.” In other words, these bots are used to orchestrate DDoS attacks.

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