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Google to combat fakes about Ukrainian refugees

25.08.2022, 10:28

Google subsidiary Jigsaw (organization responsible for online security) is launching a campaign to counter misinformation about Ukrainian refugees in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. This was reported by Espreso with reference to Reuters.

Next week, Google Jigsaw is launching a campaign based on research conducted by psychologists from two British universities.

The information campaign will be carried out in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in partnership with local NGOs, fact-checkers, academics, and disinformation experts. The campaign aims to build resilience to manipulative and negative narratives about refugees.

Psychologists from the universities of Cambridge and Bristol, working with Google Jigsaw, have produced 90-second clips designed to "inoculate" people against harmful content on social media.

The clips will run in advertising slots on Google's YouTube and also on other platforms such as Twitter, Tiktok and Meta's Facebook. They aim to help people identify emotional manipulation in a news headline.

"If you tell people what's true and false, a lot of people will dispute... but what you can predict are the techniques that will be used in spreading misinformation, like with the Ukrainian crisis," explained the lead author of a report on the research behind the campaign Jon Roozenbeek.

The research was spread over seven experiments were conducted, including with a group of Americans (over 18 years old) who watch political news on YouTube.

"We are thinking of this as a pilot experiment, so there's absolutely no reason that this approach couldn't be scaled to other countries," said Beth Goldberg, head of research at Jigsaw.

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