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"FreeDom" YouTube marathon stopped due to mass copyright strikes

11.07.2022, 12:00
Photo: Glavkom
Photo: Glavkom

On July, the live broadcast of "FreeDom's" russian-language marathon on YouTube was stopped due to mass complaints about the copyright infringement.

This was announced by the state enterprise "International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform ​​of Ukraine" (SE IBMPU).

"Due to mass copyright strikes, our most rated accounts – "Ukraina 24," ICTV, TSN, "Hroshi," "Spetskor," 1+1, UATV channel – have stopped their YouTube live marathon. UATV (property of SE IBMPU), which is the main channel for broadcasting the FreeDom marathon, has also received a series of content complaints that can not be verified. However, this became a reason for YouTube's administration to issue a warning, which also affected the channel's ability to broadcast live on the platform," the message reads.

IBMPU considers the mass strikes to be a commissioned campaign, namely due to the impossibility to identify and detect the time stamps of the content against which the strikes were filed; the video hosting did not use any preventive measures, but instantly blocked the marathon's live broadcasts on the media partners' channels. In addition, the complaints were filed simultaneously against all key YouTube channels of the country's major media companies, not through an automatic copyright control system, but individually.

The media companies working on the "FreeDom" marathon appealed to the YouTube administration with propositions to review the procedure for working with the Ukrainian segment of TV production in the context of russia's continuous cyber war against Ukraine.

As reported by IMI, in early July, the state enterprise "International Broadcasting Multimedia Platform ​​of Ukraine" reported a continuous cyber attack on its Ukraine-based technological capabilities, conducted by russia.

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