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Forum of publishers states they receive threats from radical right organizations

11.09.2017, 23:29
Participants of the 24-th Forum of Publishers in Lviv inform the organizers of the event about threats to them in social networks, which they started to receive over a month ago. The forum of publishers appeals to the public, mass media, police and authorities to secure awareness about the threats and ask for guarantees of safety for participants and visitors of the event. This was published in the statement at the website of the Forum. “The situation deteriorated last week, when the head of local SBU department, city mayor Andriy Sadovyi and head of Lvivska Oblast State Administration Oleh Syniutka, as well as NGO “Forum of publishers” received a letter from informal NGOs with threats related to two events in our program”, the statements quotes. In particular, authors of the Forum of Publishers made public the letters signed by a number of civil organizations - “Tradytsia”, “Ukrainian People's Self-Defense”, “The Right Sector”, “Sokil”, “Spirit of the nation”, “Young Halychyna”. In the letter, the organizations express their unhappiness about the discussion in the Forum “Is the school ready to discuss complicated topics with children?”, combined with presentation of the book of Larysa Denysenko “Maya and her mothers”, dedicated to homosexual relations. To their opinion, this constitutes a propaganda of non-traditional family. In case of inaction of official authorities, the mentioned organizations state that they will be forced “to independently use all possible measures not to allow this openly provocative presentation in Lviv”. The publisher and book author cancelled one of the events to guarantee the safety of the children. The event organizers are ready to invite the representatives of the organizations who sent the letter for an open public discussion in format of round table.
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