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For second time, journalist denied access to village council in Hatne

17.08.2020, 16:07
Photo credits: AP/M.Ugarte
Photo credits: AP/M.Ugarte

In the village of Hatne (Kyiv region) on August 14, the security guards of the village council denied access to the session for freelance journalist Taisiya Kutuzova, as the journalist herself reported to IMI.

She said she came to the village of Hatne to make a full-length documentary about local activist Serhiy Chagarov and she was going to speak to the head of the village council.

According to her, the footage was to become part of the film, a short version of which was presented at the international documentary film festival Docudays UA 2019.

The journalist tried to get to the village council together with the activist, but the way was barred by two men wearing black security uniforms.

"I was forbidden to get in by the above-mentioned two men who did not introduce themselves. Instead, I told them that I was a journalist and showed them my press card issued by the edition for which I work part-time to confirm my affiliation with the profession. However, two men in black at the entrance to the village council still forbade me to get in,” she said.

The journalist found such a ban as illegal and obstructive to her professional activity.

She also reminded that the security guards of this village council had not let her into the village council building on June 1, justifying that ban with lockdown measures. According to Kutuzova, criminal proceedings have been instituted on this fact, the case is considered by the public prosecutor. 

As IMI reported, on June 1, in the village of Hatne (Kyiv region), village council guards physically restricted freelance journalist Taisia ​​Kutuzova's access to the village council's premises, under the pretext of lockdown.

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