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Facebook blocked IMI expert's post about Shariy

20.08.2020, 13:58

Facebook blocked the post of IMI journalist and analyst Oleksiy Bratushchak about the speech of pro-Russian politician, blogger Anatoliy Shariy on the state TV channel "Belarus-1". According to the social network, the post was blocked because it "violates our Community Standards as to Propaganda of Hate and Insult."

Oleksiy Bratushchak had written in his post that pro-Russian experts, who were regular commentators on Medvedchuk's channels, spoke in the story aired on the state channel Belarus-1. "Some experts were dropped to Belarus. Propagandists who keep working for the state channels in Belarus have made a story about Ukraine. How bad we live here after the Maidan).

There were three experts in the story. The main one was Shariy, the second one was Ruslan Bortnyk (former assistant of the fugitive MP from “Party of Regions” Vadym Kolesnichenko), the third one was Olena Dyachenko. All three are regular guests at Medvedchuk’s TV channels. Pro-Russians on Media. Like "Ukrainian déjà vu". You switch on "Belarus-1", and seems you watch Medmedchuk-TV) That's curious: this story has been made by foreign employees from Russia? Or these were Medvedchuk's media workers who went in search of money? ” - it was said in the blocked message.

The expert said he contested Facebook's conclusion. But five minutes later, a new message came from the social network Facebook saying that the additional check left the "sentence" valid. Oleksiy Bratushchak does not exclude that Shariy's supporters complained about his post on the social network. He added, every time Shariy mentioned him in his video blogs, he immediately received messages from supporters of the pro-Russian politician. “Although Facebook does not disclose the mechanisms of its algorithms, we know that there must be complaints, if they verify posts.

Better, mass complaints. Now imagine: one of Shariy's friends was oupset with my post and started to complain to Facebook about hate propaganda. And there could be a lot of such "someone". And all these people pressed the "hate propaganda" button on Shari's image. Tremendous guys) ”- Bratushchak wrote.

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