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Eight of ten most popular telegram channels in Ukraine are anonymous - IMI research

16.09.2021, 14:49

Only two of the ten most popular telegram channels in Ukraine have an open information about its owners, the rest are anonymous. This is evidenced by a study by the Institute of Mass Information.

According to the rating of the analytical system TGstat, the 10 most popular telegram channels in the Ukrainian segment are: Coronavirus Info Ukraine Now Ukraine 24/7 Music | Music Tracks , TSN , Ukraine Online First , All-Seeing EYETypical Ukraine? and Anatoly Shariy .

The content of all these communities is based on four whales - anonymity, populism, conspiracy and a little of credibility. However:

-7 out of 10 accounts are registered in the "News and Media" section. At the same time, none of the channels has anything to do with the media and newsrooms that actually exist.

-Only two accounts have open information about the owners - the channel "Coronavirus_info" and Shariy’s channel.

-8 telegram hannels out of the 10 most popular are anonymous communities without any information about the real owners.

-Only 1 of the 10 top channels is officially verified by telegram ("Coronavirus_info").

-9 out of 10 accounts have contact accounts to order advertising in these channels. All, except the Shariy’s telegram channel.

-4 out of 10 accounts use the word "Ukraine" written in Russian in their name (Украина, not Україна).

-8 out of 10 channels publish posts in Russian.

-The total audience of all 10 most popular channels is about 284.5 million views per month *.

It is important that the rating of the 10 most popular did not include telegram channels of any of the high-quality Ukrainian media.

It should be noted that despite the verification mark, the telegram channel "Coronavirus_info" is not administered by the Ministry of Health. It is run by the Institute for Cognitive Modeling, which previously worked with the Ministry of Health. But now the channel is not affiliated with the ministry and this one is trying to strip it of its verification mark.

* The analysis was performed using the TGstat service. The monitoring period included 10 telegram channels and 10 posts in the Ukrainian segment of tg channels, which the system identified as the most popular in August 2021. The figures shown in the monitoring correspond to the statistics provided by the platform for the collection and analysis of telegram accounts.

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