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Editors of website receive a notification about being blocked in russia

04.07.2022, 11:15
Photo credit: picture-alliance / chromorange / C.Ohde / DW
Photo credit: picture-alliance / chromorange / C.Ohde / DW

The editors of the Poltava city website received a notification from Roskomnadzor about access to the resource being restricted. russia accuses the Poltava media outlet of covering the war in a way that is, in russia's opinion, unreliable.

The media outlet's owner Yuriy Boyko posted the email on his Facebook page.

In the email, the reason for the block is stated as follows: "False reports about acts of terrorism or other unreliable information of public significance, which is distributed under the guise of reliable information, which creates a threat of harm to the life and health of citizens, carries the threat of mass violations of public order..."

The editors received the email in two languages, russian and English, a month ago, but they only saw it now.

In the comment to the regional IMI representative, Yuriy Boyko stated that they will continue to work for Ukraine's victory and that "the journalists weren't spending their nights in the office in the first months of the war for nothing."

"I believe that this is a worthy reward for the entire team of the website. This means that it was not for nothing that the journalists weren't spending their nights in the office in the first months of the war for nothing. We received an email from russia, from Roskomnadzor! I want to frame this email and hang it in the editorial office! The Prosecutor General of the russian federation believes that the website Poltava spreads unreliable information about the war and destabilizes the situation in the russian federation. We promise to keep destabilizing it until Ukraine's Victory! Glory to Ukraine!" he wrote.

According to Yuri Boyko, the editors did not respond to the email, but they plan to send a request for Roskomnadzor to follow the course of the russian warship.

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