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Editor of the Biznes TV channel was fired for covering the rally in support of European integration

27.11.2013, 11:14

The desk editor of the Biznes TV channel Tetyana Melnychenko informs she was fired for covering the rally in support for integration with Europe, which is being held in Kyiv on Maidan Nezalezhnosti. We know this from her Facebook page.

"My friends, this is a dangerous precedent. Today I was fired from the position of a desk editor of the Biznes channel news. The reason is that in the morning broadcast I gave the story about people rallying on Maidan because of disagreement with the government reneging on the process of integration with Europe", Melnichenko wrote.

"From the point of view of journalism, the broadcast was perfectly balanced. I do not regret anything. And I will not try to prove the point to anyone. There is a higher force that sees everything. And for each decision, one will have to answer, sooner or later", she added.

"I am glad that my bosses expelled me from the team like this, and I will gladly join people who are ready to produce work of real journalism. Also, I still believe in our people – their strength, fortitude, courage, and stalwart will, when they group together! Together we are power! The Ukrainian spirit will prevail!", the journalist wrote.

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