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Editor in chief of Zaporizhzhya online edition claimed he faced threats and insults

06.02.2019, 21:49
Oleksander Chubukin, editor in chief of the online edition Accent informed he was outraged and threatened by the head of Coordination board of anti-terroristic operation veterans (ATO veterans) Andriy Khimichev. Chubukin told the IMI correspondent he had been threatened on Facebook page. As to him, this was not a single incident. This time, the threats were provoked by an article in his edition relating the story of a local deputy who had been sentenced for a bribe and afterwards he went to ATO. As Ali Safarov, IMI lawyer commented on this incident, the Criminal and Administrative codes of Ukraine had no article to bring to responsibility someone who criticized a journalist or insulted him, even if the offence was made public and the criticism was not grounded. In that case the journalist has right to go to court and to defend his name before the bar, according to the Article 32 of the Constitution.
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