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Due to quarantine, Radio NV suspended almost all projects

28.04.2020, 13:34
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Due to quarantine, Radio Noovoe Vremya (NV) has suspended production of almost all the author's projects. Instead NV is broadcasting repeats of previously recorded programs, as Detektor Media reported referring to the editor-in-chief of Radio NV Oleksiy Tarasov.

He said that until the reformatting of the radio, which had been scheduled for July 1, all projects had to be broadcast unchanged - in the former format. However, due to the coronavirus and quarantine pandemic, production of the programs had to be suspended. Tarasov explained that the journalists and the guests were unable to come to the studio of Radio NV.

Tarasov said that they did not fire the authors of these projects, since they did not work as staff members, but on contracts: "We have paid them for a month, respectively, for all programs that which came out and even not."

At the same time, the management of Radio NV decided to close the programs that were broadcast over the weekend. "There are decisions that had been made before my arrival (Oleksiy Tarasov became the editor-in-chief of the radio station on April 15. - Ed. ). For instance, my superiors made the decision that Weekend program cost too much to us", - Tarasov said.

On the other hand, the line programs remained on Radio NV, namely: morning air programs, a little bit reformatted evening air with Dmytro Tuzov, some author's programs “Floor is given to” of Yuriy Matsarsky, “World view” of Ivan Yakovyna and Ilona Dovgan's " Perspective Show». The author's projects are kept, because the presenters do not need to invite any guests to the studio, so they record programs from home.

"My program is suspended as well. To this day, they aired reruns. However, because of what is happening around the DAU project, we have recorded another interview with director Ilya Khrzhanovsky. We have not yet decided whether it is advisable to restart , whether we have what to speak about? And once again, whether I have enough of time for this? Because a lot of things are happening at the same time, a lot of practical arrangements, " Oleksiy Tarasov added.

In addition, he said that work is underway as to a plan to reformatting the radio. In particular, the concept of reformatted radio means reducing the number of programs and its timing.

He said that the ultimate result of this plan was not yet available.

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