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Due to pressure from terrorists, journalists of "Segodnia v Severodonetske" left Luhansk oblast

02.06.2014, 21:05

The editorial office of the online media outlet «Segodnia v Severodonetske» was forced to move from Severodonetsk, Luhansk oblast, to Kyiv due to pressure from representatives of the HQ of the Army of South-East. According to Oleksiy Svetikov, the editor of «Segodnia v Severodonetske» and the head of Luhansk oblast branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, the decision to move to the capital was take after a conversation with representatives of the HQ of the Army of South-East. The separatists claimed the media outlet was proliferating untrue information for significant remuneration and requested something were done about it. Svetikov explained that this website is his personal project with no external funding, and the editorial policy has always been to check the information, to publish no fake news, and to be unbiased, and that there are always parties that do not like the outlet’s stance. When asked about concrete proposals, the separatists demanded the outlet to promote their position. Understandably, Svetikov agreed to all demands and promised to do as demanded, but he was aware that if they did not follow through on this, the next conversation would take place under completely different circumstances. So, the editorial office decided to avoid such pressure by moving to a safer location, which took several days – due to the complicated situation on the roads. Since May 31, the outlet operates as usual. 

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