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Dmytro Komarov comes under Russian fire in Kherson

15.11.2022, 18:13
Photo: Dmytro Komarov's Facebook
Photo: Dmytro Komarov's Facebook

TV host and journalist Dmytro Komarov came under Russian fire on November 14 near the Antonivsky bridge in Kherson. He reported this on his Facebook page.

He was in the city when President Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Kherson. After the President's press conference, Komarov and his crew headed to the Antonivsky bridge to talk with a family that lives nearby. At that moment, the Russians started shelling the city.

"I saw the danger with my own eyes. This morning, after the press conference, we went to the Antonivsky bridge and came under fire. I talked to a family that lives near the bridge. The walls shook. Window frames got blown out. We rushed out into the street and hid behind a wall on the side opposite to the Dnieper together with the children. There were several more hots (a mortar, judging by the sound). We helped the family and their children get into the car and get away," he wrote.

Komarov clarified tht they came under fire two hours after the President's visit. The host specified that the president "took a big risk", while adding that currently every Ukrainian is at risk.

We remind that Kherson has been deoccupied on November 11 thanks to the efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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