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Deported Georgian journalist reported about details of his expulsion

25.11.2017, 11:46
The journalist of Georgian TV channel “Rustavi-2” Tamaz Shavshishvili, who was deported from Ukraine on November 17, was deported from Ukraine, told details of how he was expelled and beaten. His online story by Skype was broadcasted on November 20 by Ukrainian MP Yuriy Derevyanko, one of the leaders of the party “Rukh Novykh Syl" ("Movement of New Forces") in his Facebook, “Ukrainska pravda” reports. Shavshishvili said that on November 17 his house was invaded by SBU special troops, he was beaten, kicked, restrained with adhesive tape and transported to the airport. In the airport, according to him, he was approched by a man who said that for him, entry to Ukraine is banned for three years. He claims the reasons of such ban were not explained to him. After this, he was transported to Odesa by helicopter, and ferried to Georgian port of Poti. The journalist claims that he did not commit any offences in Ukraine, and that he had a lawful right to stay in the country. He was working here for lat three years. According to Shavshishvili, the operation was supervised by the head of State Security Department, Valeriy Heletey (Heletey himself denies this). The journalist complained about rough beating that he had to go through. Speaker of SBU Olena Hitlianska commented to the media outlet that the special service officers did not beat or torture Tamaz Shavshishvili when he was depirted. She also claimed that they were under no obligation to warn the journalist that his term of stay in the country has expired. Representatives of the party “Rukh Novykh Syl Mikheila Saakashvili" claim that the journalist and several other Georgian citizens were expelled from Ukraine without adherance to lawful procedures, in particular, they were never warned and not given any time to leave peacefully. The party claims that this is an attempt to pressure Saakashvili's political party.
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