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Database on propagandists calling for genocide is underway in Ukraine

25.11.2022, 16:51

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security is working on a database of information crimes committed by Russian media and politicians as evidence to prove Russia's genocide against the Ukrainian people.

Head of the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security, Ihor Solovei, announced this during a round-table on the topic "The genocide of Ukrainians during the Russian-Ukrainian war", Ukrinform reports.

"The Center is working together with law enforcers to create a data base for future court trials. We will publish the doctrine that caused the emergence of this genocidal rhetoric, such as relevant official papers, doctrines, educational materials, speeches on state media. We have also created a file catalogue of media criminals, which includes Sergeytsev, Medvedev, and Patrushev with their speeches. All these 'comrades' – the perpetrators and the organizers – must take their place at the court," he said.

Solovei noted that genocide is a deliberate state policy, and that in order for Russia's actions to be recognized as such, it is necessary to prove that the Kremlin was giving out orders or encouraging violence deliberately. In his opinion, studying Russian state propaganda, "which openly resorts to genocidal rhetoric," will prove helpful.

"Timofey Sergeytsev's article in 'RIA Novosti' titled 'What should Russia do with Ukrainians?' could be classified as an independent work by an individual expert. But it was published by a state resource, which clearly indicates a well-thought-out policy," he emphasized.

The Center's head reminded that, in general, Russian propaganda's calls are about abolishing and dismembering Ukraine, which would be accompanied by isolating its parts from the "pernicious West". There are genocidal calls for exterminating "especially hardline Nazis," while others should "atone for their sins before Russia and be reconditioned."

"The hardline Nazis must be exterminated, and the others must be forced to atone for their sins before Russia and be reconditioned. This is what the deportation of Ukrainians, primarily children, to the territory of the Russian Federation is about," he stressed.

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