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Cyberpolice terminated criminal organization which was re-broadcasting banned channels

06.09.2017, 10:04
Officers of Podilske branch of cyber-police in cooperation with the department of investigations of the police department of Khmelnytskyi terminated the activities of criminal organizations in the city of Khmelnytskyi, the activities of which was providing services of sattelite channels re-broadcasting based on card sharing technologies. This was reported at the web-site of the Cyberpolice Department of Ukraine. The cyberpolice was alerted by copyright owners about someone intervening into the functioning of their telecommunications networks, and, as a result, broadcast and re-broadcast copyrighted materials without the consent of copyright owners. The criminals also re-broadcasted Russian channels that are banned in Ukraine by the National TV and Radio broadcasting Council. They obtained any license and never signed any agreements with copyright owners, cyberpolice reports. Two people were identified as culprits, five units of computer equipment and several electronic recording devices, as well as over two hundred receivers were seized by the police. The number of known clients who used the services of the culprits who infringed the copyright and illegally used communication networks, is about two hundred. The amount of losses sustained by copyright owners is now being estimated.
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