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Culture minister Tkachenko announces national media literacy project - UNIAN

24.07.2020, 12:28
Photo credit: Oleksander Tkachenko's Facebook page
Photo credit: Oleksander Tkachenko's Facebook page

The challenge is about countering Russian propaganda and ensuring that quality media content fills the domestic information space, as UNIAN reported.

Ukraine's Minister of Culture Oleksandr Tkachenko says the work has started on an all-Ukrainian media literacy project. "Today, I gathered at the ministry key stakeholders who already have experience in promoting media literacy. I'll bring the issue to a systemic state level. I'm consolidating my work in order to strategically scale the process in the country," Tkachenko wrote on Facebook Thursday. The challenge is about countering Russian propaganda and ensuring that quality media content fills the domestic information space, the minister noted.

"I clearly understand that: The question is urgent. Only by addressing it will we be able to mold an information culture, learn to distinguish news from fakes, do fact-checking, and form critical thinking. The project must have wide coverage. Quality rather than quantity – covering as much of the population as possible. The audience is both children (to ensure that they begin to adapt properly to the online environment from their childhood days), teens, and adults. Educational changes are required. Integration of the future media literacy program into thehumanitarian bloc. Training for schoolchildren and university students, as well as for teachers and lecturers. And it's not just about journalism-related jobs. Existing experience and practices on media literacy must be taken into account. It is in public collaboration and government support that we will be able to achieve tangible results. Passing amendments to the regulatory framework, because we are talking about public policy.

The task of the product is to become interesting to wide audiences and to lead them to naturally want to be engaged. The final form is a matter of strategic planning, but interaction with projects should be both offline and online: TV, radio, and the Diia application," wrote the minister. In conclusion, Oleksandr Tkachenko announced his intention to get together with MPs, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Education and Science to form a vision of the project. "Yevhenia Kravchuk will be in charge from the Humanitarian and Information Policy Committee. Within a month, we will work out an action plan and discuss it once again with all interested parties," he wrote.


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