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"Court" in Crimea punishes six people for playing Chervona Kalyna on a wedding

15.09.2022, 11:02
Photo credit: TV rain
Photo credit: TV rain

The Russia-controlled Bakhchisaray district court brought the organizers and guests of a wedding to administrative responsibility for playing the song Chervona Kalyna, which the Russian court called a "Ukrainian nationalists' battle song." Krym.Realii reports this, citing the court's press office.

"The persons brought to administrative responsibility are sentenced to various types of punishment in the form of fines in the amount of 50,000 rubles, as well as 5 to 15 days of administrative arrest," the court said.

The Russian court accused the organizers and guests of the wedding of "presenting a Ukrainian song, which, according to an expert's conclusion, is a paraphernalia (battle song) used by the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), whose activities are recognized as extremist and prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation."

In addition, according to the version of the Russian prosecution and the court, the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine were being "discredited" at the same wedding.

"Namely, the Ukrainian language song Chervona Kalyna has been played. The lyrics of the song contain the verse 'to liberate our Ukrainian brothers from the Moscow shackles,' which is used by the Organization of Ukrainian nationalists (OUN), whose activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation; thus, the song contains information that discredits the armed forces of the Russian Federation," the Russian court said.

It is reported that a total of six people have been brought to administrative responsibility. Their first and last names are not disclosed. The court's website contains information about the prosecution of Akhtem Hemeji under articles on "discrediting" the Russian army and "inciting hatred or enmity." Some Telegram channels have mentioned Hemeji as the DJ at the wedding.

According to the Russian state TV channel "Crimea 24," the owner of the Arpat restaurant in Bakhchisarai, where the wedding took place, received the most severe punishment – 15 days in custody. The DJ and one of the wedding's guests received 10 days of arrest each, the groom's mother was sentenced to five days of arrest, the bride's mother and the wife of Arpat's owner received a fine of 50,000 rubles, as they have underage children.

The media outlet reminds that the day before, the Russian police drew up two reports against Bakhchisarai resident Elvira Abdullayeva – a groom's relative from the wedding at the Arpat restaurant, where Ukrainian songs were being played.

Earlier, on September 10, the Russian authorities in Bakhchisarai closed the Arpat restaurant, where Ukrainian songs were being played at a wedding, "for inspection."

Before that, Russian pro-government Telegram channels in Crimea posted a video of a public apology by DJ Akhtem Hemeji, who had played a Ukrainian song at a wedding in Bakhchisarai.

The day before, pro-Russian Crimean blogger Oleksandr Talipov posted a video of a Crimean wedding on his Telegram channel, which, according to him, took place on September 10 in the Arpat restaurant. In the video, the guests dance to the Ukrainian song Chervona Kalyna. Talipov also published a video of another wedding in Simferopol, during which the song Stefania by the Ukrainian Eurovision-winning band Kalush Orchestra was played.

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