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Court deliberately delays appeal hearing against Medemedinov sentence

02.03.2020, 16:39
Photo credit: (courtesy photo) Crimean solidarity
Photo credit: (courtesy photo) Crimean solidarity

The lawyer of the Crimean blogger, citizen journalist Nariman Memedeminov finds that the Russian court deliberately delays hearing of his client's appeal. Edem Semedlyayev told it interviewed by Radio Krym.Realii (RFE/RL).

He said, Memedeminov could be released already on parole, but until the sentence enters in force, no motion for early parole cannot be filed.

“The Southern District Military Court has not yet complied with some of the procedural points, namely that it did not allow Nariman's motion: he did not hand over the minutes of the sitting, did not allow to get familiarized with the criminal case files. After the verdict, he asked to give him access to those volumes that had already been formed during the trial. Nariman also asked to authorize him to learn the audio recording of the court hearing to allow him to better prepare for appeal. In order to submit all the materials to the Supreme Court of Russia, the Southern District Military Court has to settle these motions and familiarize Nariman with all these materials. And it is not yet known how long the Supreme Court will delay. We explain this delay to the fact that they make it possible to keep Nariman in the detention center under inhumane, torturing conditions. The settlement colony is much softer, ”the lawyer said.

According to Semedlyaev, his client, according to the Russian verdict, has to stay deprived of liberty half year.

“They force him to withdraw his appeal, but he decided to do or die and prove his innocence. Otherwisem it will mean that Nariman consented to his sentence and he won’t have right to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights in the future. So we will apply to the Southern District Military Court requesting to accelerate the process of transferring documents to the Supreme Court, ”the lawyer explained.

Earlier, Eden Semedlyayev told that in the detention Memedeminov's health was getting deteriorating.

As IMI reported, on October 2, 2019, on October 2, the Southern Military District Court of Russia's Rostov-on-Don sentenced journalist, blogger from Crimea Nariman Memedeminov to two and a half years , who was accused of public calls for terrorism.

On October 1, Memedeminov made the final statement calling the justice and the law "pre-configured" in Russia, and called on journalists to continue to work on informing about the situation in the Crimea and lawsuits against the inhabitants of the peninsula.

On September 27, Russian prosecutor Aleksey Aydinov demanded a six-year prison sentence for Memedeminov.

On June 25, 2019, the North Caucasian Court in Rostov-on-Don started a trial on the merits in the case of Memedeminov.

On March 22, 2018, in Simferopol Russian law enforcement officers detained the Crimean civic journalist Nariman Memediminov. On March 23, the court issued an order to arrest Memedeminov. The detainee has been charged under the part 2 of Art. 205 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Public appeals to terrorist activities committed by means of the Internet”). On March 23, 2018 the Crimean public prosecutor’s office (Ukraine) instituted criminal proceedings against activity of Russian prosecution against Nariman Memedeminov, based on the part 2 of Art.146 (“Illegal deprivation of liberty or theft of a person”), part 2 of Art. 162 (“Violation of inviolability of housing”) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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