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Court bound police to open case against the journalists of «Skhemy» for «intervention into private life» of Medvedchuk

18.12.2017, 15:36
Pecherskyi rayon court of Kyiv city bound the National Police of Ukraine to initiate criminal proceeding against the journalists of the program «Skhemy» («Radio Liberty» project) based on Article 182 of the Criminal code of Ukraine due to alleged «violation of sanctity of private life» of Viktor Medvedchuk. the editorial office of «Radio Liberty» considers this an attempt to pressure journalists by Medvedchuk's defense. The information concerning the resolution of the court was published on the website «Ukrainskyi Vybor». In addition, the resolution of Pecherskyi court was published in the Register of court resolutions. It, in particular, states that on December 1, the court resolved to satisfy the complaint by Ihor Kyrylenko, Medvedchuk's attorney, on «Failure to take action of the National Police of Ukraine, concerning non-registration of information about criminal offence to the Unified register of pre-trial investigations, after receiving complaint about committed criminal offence as of November 09, 2017», and  binds the National police to open criminal proceeding against the journalists of «Skhemy». «To bind an official of the National Police of Ukraine to register the data, set out in application of PERSON_2 as of November 09, 2017, about the criminal offence, as described in part 2, Article 182 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, the the Unified Register of Pre-trial investigations», the court decision reads. The editorial office of «Radio Liberty» considers the petition of Medvedchuk's defense to the court an attempt to pressure journalists. «It became known that the lawyers of Viktor Medvedchuk addressed Pecherskyi court with a demand tp bind the National Police to open proceeding concerning alleged intervention of the journalists of the program into the private life of businessman. The editorial team is prepared to provide all evidence that Viktor Medvedchuk is a public figure, and his security was obstructing the filming crew to perform their lawful duties», was the response of administration of «Radio Liberty» to the request of «Detector media». In addition, «Radio Liberty» reports at their website that statements by Medvedchuk about the work of journalists of «Skhemy» program, are not true. On November 7, as "Detector media" reported before, unidentified people attacked the filming crew of program «Skhemy: corruption in details» («Radio Liberty program»), consisting of journalist Mykhailo Tkach and cameraman Kyrylo Lazarevych, in the airport "Kyiv". The journalists filed an official complain about it, and the prosecutor's office initiated a criminal case. LAter, journalists published the video of the attack against the filming crew."Detector Media"
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