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Council on press freedom called Portnov not to use his press card

20.11.2019, 15:17

The Council on Press Freedom and Rights of Journalists affiliated to the President condemned pressure onto the journalists with “Schemes” program made by Andriy Portnov. The Committee called him not to use his newly delivered his press card, as Hromadske Radio reported.

“Making public personal data of the media professionals poses threat their life and health, and threatens and pressure are obviously to obstruct professional legitimate journalistic activity. The journalists, investigative journalists are driven by public interest. And public persons have to be conscious and to respect the rights of mass media professionals to focus on issues of possible abuse of power among functionaries due to their non-exposed relationship with politicians, former politicians or businessmen”, as the statement signed by the journalists reads.

Besides that, the committee called Mr Portnov not to use his press card. “We also call Andriy Portnov not to use his press card and not to insist on protection of his journalistic rights. First of all, Mr Portnov is politician and professional lawyer, so he can defend himself in a legal way, if he finds that his rights have been infringed”.

IMI reported, on November 18, Andriy Portnov appealed to the Office of the President complaining against the journalists of the investigative program “Schemes: corruption in details”.

On November 7th, the police have launched criminal proceedings due to threats to the journalists with Radio Liberty (“Schemes” program).

On November 3,  “112 Ukraina” came out with premier broadcast of the program "Portnow", hosted by Andriy Portnov. In his Telegram channel, Portnov said that on October 30 he announced his first broadcast and he "became a journalist and anchorman, formally established my documents and got to work".

On October 31, the former MP and Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Viktor Yanukovych Andriy Portnov in his Telegram channel disclosed the personal data of a member of the TV crew of “Schemes: corruption in details" program, as the editorial board is preparing an investigation into the influence and relations of the former official with the new Ukrainian authorities.

Then, he disclosed data of number plates of three other cars related to “Schemes” journalists.

The "Schemes" editorial board regards it is direct pressure.

On November 4, the media movement “Media for conscious choice” and other media figures call on the authorities and the law enforcement agencies to hold the former official Andriy Portnov to account for having threatened journalists with “Scheme” investigative program and ask to ensure security for journalists.

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