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Convicted Crimean journalist Iryna Danilovych may lose her hearing, says medic

11.04.2023, 10:51
Photo: ZMINA
Photo: ZMINA

Citizen journalist Iryna Danilovych, unlawfully convicted in the occupied Crimea, may lose her hearing due to delayed medical assistance. A medic confirmed this after an examination, KrymSOS analyst Yevheniy Yaroshenko reported.

"KrymSOS learned that Iryna Danilovych recently managed to undergo a short medical examination. The doctor preliminarily confirmed hearing issues and a need for additional tests. The probability that Iryna Danilovych may lose her hearing due to not receiving timely medical assistance is 50%," the report says.

Further inspections will be conducted at the initiative of the pre-trial detention center. In a comment to Krym.Realii, the imprisoned journalist's father, Bronislav Danilovych, said that the examination was delayed by the "judge", Natalia Kulinskaya. In addition, the city court of Feodosia, controlled by Russia, prevented Iryna Danilovych from reading the minutes of the "court" sessions in her criminal case in full or preparing objections to them.

As the IMI reported, on March 21, Iryna Danilovych wrote a letter announcing she was going on a dry hunger strike until "the treatment begins or until biological death." In the letter, she reported on the deterioration of her health: hearing issues and a possible microstroke.

On March 22, 2023, multiple human rights organizations called for the immediate hospitalization of Iryna Danilovych.

On April 5, Danilovych stopped her hunger strike in exchange for treatment.

On December 28, 2022, the occupation court of Feodosia, Crimea, sentenced citizen journalist and human rights activist Iryna Danilovych to seven years in prison on the charges of illegal storage and manufacture of explosives under Part 1 of Art. 222.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the Russian occupation authorities in the temporarily occupied Crimea for "sentencing" Ukrainian citizen journalist Iryna Danilovych to 7 years in prison.

Iryna Danilovych was detained on April 29 in the occupied Crimea. She was detained on her way from work on the road from Koktebel to Feodosia. Her house in Vladislavivka village was searched, her phone and laptop were seized.

In late July 2022, Danilovych said that officers of the Federal Security Service of the russian federation (FSB) beat her and continue to pressure her.

Iryna Danilovych worked as a nurse, and was also a citizen journalist, covering the problems of the health care system in Crimea and sharing information about the war in Ukraine.

The Prosecutor's Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea has opened a case regarding the illegal searches and detention of Iryna Danilovych.

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