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Communal newspaper in Donetsk responded to journalist that its funding sources is confidential information

05.10.2017, 00:07
The communal enterprise “Editorial office “Regionalnye vesti” in its response to information request refused to provide information about the accounted salaries of its employees and the sources of financing of newspaper. this was reported in “Dostup do pravdy”. The requester, Mrs. Romanko, asked to provide the following data: pattern of ownership of the newspaper; its founder; manning table of the editorial office; actually accounted salaries starting from January 1, 2017 for all employees of the newspaper; sources of funding of the newspaper starting from January 1, 2017 – income from subscriptions, etc.; who is the author of the article “Maybe something is to be done?”, that was published in the newspaper in issue No.40 (231) dated August 24, 2017? In the response, the administrator answered that the founder of the enterprise in Novohrodiv city council, and the editorial office is state-owned, and that the issues of the salaries and sources of funding is confidential and classified information "based on part 2 of the Law of Ukraine"On access to public information"". Lawyer of “Center of Democracy and Supremacy of Law” Khrystyna Burtnyk considers this information one in public domain, not classified. According to her, in courts and in petitions of the Parliament's High Commissioner, the practice of law in this cases is uniform - similar refusals to provide information are judged illegal.
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