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Commission on journalistic ethics claimed police made pressure onto President of Academy of Ukrainian Press

30.07.2019, 15:53
Photo credit: Commission on journalism ethics expressed its strong protest against “blatant pressure” the police was exerting on Valeriy Ivanov, President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press. The CJE called the police to cease ungrounded accusations and pressure. This is said in the open letter signed by the CJE on July 29th and addressed to the head of the National police Serhiy Knyazev and the Minister of the Interior Arsen Avakov. “The Ukraine Commission on Journalism Ethics, supported by the leading journalism and media CSOs of Ukraine, is lodging a strong protest against the crude pressure made on our colleague, Prof. Valeriy Ivanov, Doctor of Philology, President of the Academy of Ukrainian Press, by the investigative authorities of National Police!” the letter reads. Besides, the letter said “An outrageous campaign against our colleague has been running for already more than three months in a line: the access of prof. Ivanov’s family to bank accounts is restricted; a house search has taken place; respected national and international organizations are receiving the requests from investigators, aimed at undermining the reputation of leading scholar and civic activist.” “We are recognizing the right of National Police to respond to any possible law violations and carry out pre-trial investigations. However, the pre-trial investigation of criminal proceeding included into the single register of pre-trial investigations under the no. 42015000000002145 from 5.10.2015 does not concern Valeriy Ivanov and his activity, this refers to the advertising business of his adult son, Denis. Accordingly, investigative authorities should not make pressure on parents in their effort in their 4th year to investigate the case regarding the independent economic activity of Denis Ivanov”. The CJE noted, the proceeding was dismissed in 2017 but it was resumed three months. This was due to the launching of the project of investigation of eventual corruption contacts within the management of investigative authorities, the National Police. “The Ukraine Commission on Journalism Ethics is appealing to the Ministry of Interior Affairs, its management and National Police with the call attentively to learn the circumstances mentioned in this letter and to protect our colleague from unreasonable accusations and pressure. Valeriy Ivanov has achieved undoubtful acknowledgments among journalists and diplomats for his long-standing educational activity and protection of free speech in Ukraine, therefore the current conflict is a sensitive topic for the media,” theletter reads. IMI reported, on May 7th, Valeriy Ivanov claimed the policemade search in his apartment due to investigation within the criminal case against his son, owner of PR agency Smart Manager Denys Ivanov.
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