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Commission for journalist ethics will consider complaint about story broadcasted by TV company “Avers”

11.10.2017, 09:11
On October 9, the Commission for journalist ethics has accepted for consideration the complaint of IMI representative in Volynska oblast Maya Holub about ethicality of the story broadcasted by Lutsk TV channel “Avers” about marauding in Stukalova Balka, where a comment of the journalist from Hromadske Anastasiya Stanko was used. The complaint was sent to the Commission by Maya Holub on October 7. The video material of “Avers” was published in YouTube on September 26, 2017. The journalist of this channel Natalka Polishchuk asked Stanko for a comment, as the latter was filming the story in Stukalova Balka in 2014. They asked if the current MP from Lutsk Ihor Lapin, who in the past was a commander in the battalion “Aidar”, has any connection with the marauding. In her comment for “Avers”, Stanko said that she cannot confirm that Lapin was behind some of the marauding raids. Yet in the story mentioned above, the journalist of “Avers” Natalka Polishchuk told Ihor Lapin that Nastia Stanko provided them an interview where people named Lapin a marauder who was acting in Stukalova Balka. Stanko accused the channel of misrepresentation of information that she provided.
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