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Chornovil’s gmail account was hacked

28.10.2013, 10:09

Unknown individuals hacked the e-mail of the civic activist, journalist Tetiana Chornovil. This is what she wrote in her blog at Ukrainska Pravda.

According to her, she received in three months of her G-mail account’ existence 20 letters, seven of them were actually letters, but all others were various “baits” to fish out her password.

“For example, I can quote one of such letters: "Notification on opening of a criminal case. Record NРК362890. Please read before September 23, 2013. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine". In the letter, the message prompted me to open the enclosed file. Would I have done it, I would have released a Trojan and my privacy of correspondence would end then and there,” Chornovil wrote.

She ignored this, and all other “trap” letters, yet on October 16 her mail was hacked nonetheless: “To my great surprise, the day before yesterday in the morning I read in my mail the message: "Four hours ago, your password was changed". That is, it was changed at 5 a.m., when I was soundly asleep. I opened my box and I saw that the last letter was read, although I knew I never read it.”

According to her, it was this email address to which she was supposed to receive “a photo of the "shooting tower", which was brought down on the day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army in the hunting estate of Yanukovich. As far as I understand, this is what the hackers were after.”

“As when I failed to receive it and had to go to Yanukovich’s hunting grounds for a new one, I was nearly trapped. The fallen tower with the red graffiti on the side "Yanukovich do not dare spilling blood" was guarded by some serious fighters. The guards were there even when it got dark. (Here I have a bad photograph of the fallen tower. I had no chances to get a good photo)”, - Chornovil wrote.

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