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Chief editor who was beaten and this case was closed by the police, decided to purchase for his ыефаа non-lethal weapons

23.11.2017, 16:11
The police has closed criminal proceeding based on the fact of beating (in May) of chief editor of the newspaper “Zinkivshchyna po-inshomu”, Oleksiy Leontiy. The chief editor announced that he will cease his cooperation with the police, and also decided, to guarantee safety of staff, to purchase non-lethal weapons at the cost of the newspaper administration. Leontiy reported this to IMI representative in Poltavska oblast. According to Leontiy, the investigator ignored the evidence that he provided and stated that "there is no objective data that the injuries were caused intentionally". After this, Leontiy decided to stop to cooperate with the local (Zinkivske) police department. “It's not just about me. That is, closing the case about assault against me is just the last straw. I also can responsibly claim that crime prevalence became much worse in Zinkivskyi rayon after militia was reorganized into police”, Leontiy said. The daily reports, detained drug couriers in presence of journalist, are, according to him, "just for show". “I expected that police will close the case. To secure safety of the staff, I decided to buy, at the cost of administration, of traumatic weapons for the staff, and the freelancers who work for us are offered to arm themselves independently”, Leontiy said. In his comment for the local IMI representative, Oleksiy Leontiy said that he does not know for sure if he will file an official complaint about the actions of the investigator. As IMI reported before, on May 25 in the city of Zinkiv, Poltavska oblast, after beatings, chief editor of local newspaper Oleksiy Leontiy was hospitalized. The media outlet investigated and discovered that the attacker was the son of one of the members of the Community Council under Zinkivskyi rayon state administration, Maksym Batrak, former police officer. The attack could have been related to exposure of his mother, Tetiana Batrak, in Leontiy's articles. Before that attack, there were threats and someone was breaking windows in the newspaper office to intimidate the staff.
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