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Cherkassy regional administration redirected journalist to seek answers online

16.03.2021, 12:22

The Department of Construction of the Cherkasy Regional State Administration did not provide journalists with the online publication "18000" information on the cost of materials for construction work, in particular within the "Great Construction" project, in response to their request for information. The founder and journalist with "18000" online edition Artur Chemyrys told it speaking to the representative of IMI in Cherkassy region.

In response to a request to provide information on the cost of construction materials in contracts concluded as a result of procurement procedures and not published in the Prozorro system, the director of the capital construction department Andriy Lapin suggested the journalist to review the information in the Prozorro system.

“The information requested by you is public and of free access for every citizen, after the opening of tender offers submitted by bidders to participate. … During the electronic auction, the values ​​of the price / tender offer of the bidder and the reduced price are displayed in the electronic procurement system. ... We ask you to use the ProZorro system to review and receive the requested information, ”the response to the request read.

“The point is that the official hinted that this information would be available in the proposals of the participants.

At the same time, the value of bids may change during the auction, plus not all purchases are auctioned. There are, for example, negotiation procedures where the proposals of the participants are not in the system at all. Accordingly, the final and accurate information at which prices are calculated under the contracts is contained exclusively in the contract
itself. And this key element is missing in the system, ”journalist Artur Chemyrys told IMI.

Later, in a personal conversation when journalists contacted the official by phone, he also did not provide any information or correct explanations about the place of its publication. Journalists demand that a civil servant perform his or her duties properly. They resubmitted the request.

IMI lawyer Ali Safarov noted that Article 23 of the Law of Ukraine “On Access to Public Information” stipulated that the requester had the right to appeal against the refusal to satisfy a request for information, failure to respond to a request for information, providing inaccurate or incomplete information, etc.

“Decisions, actions or omissions of information managers may be appealed to the head of the information manager, a higher body or a court. In addition, those guilty of failing to provide information can be held administratively liable, ”the lawyer said.

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