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Channel 24 website under Russian attack

11.05.2023, 18:22

The website of Channel 24 sustained a Russian hacker attack on May 11, according to the channel's website.

The Russians began rapidly posting fake news reports that contained threats and insults against the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and mailing out similar "push messages" to the readers.

As the channel notes, the attack took place the day before the release of a large-scale investigation about a high-ranking officer of the Russian GRU.

The channel managed to thwart the attack and promptly identified the vulnerabilities which had enabled the attack.

Commenting on the attack, the Channel 24 editor-in-chief said that Russians really don't like what the media outlet did.

"The Russians really don't like what we do. The FSB fakes using "screenshots" from Channel 24, as well as the attempted hacker attacks are proof of it. No attacks will stop us. The website is working again. As per tradition, the Russians did a negative offensive. We don't stop and go straight to victory," Anastasia Zazulyak stressed.

Channel 24 CEO, Roman Andreyko, noted that the channel had repelled the Russian attack and determined the attackers' target. "The enemy will no longer pass, and their bold warnings are empty bragging," Andreyko stressed.

As reported by IMI, the Channel 24 website suffered a DDoS attack on February 23, 2022. The servers temporarily stopped working due to the attack. The attack on the website began almost simultaneously with an attack on the government's websites.

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