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CCD names main points pushed by russian propaganda last week

20.06.2022, 11:43
Photo: Center for Countering Disinformation
Photo: Center for Countering Disinformation

The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine named the main points about the russian-Ukrainian war that russian propaganda has been promoting last week.

Namely, russian propaganda has been pushing the following points:

  • The West is tired of Ukraine, sees no prospects in supporting it, only losses. According to the CCD, the russian media reported that the West had suspended arms supplies, had already talked about the need to negotiate with russia, and began to push Ukraine towards this.
  • The West must make concessions to russia so as not to exacerbate the economic crisis caused by the sanctions against russia. russian propagandists wrote that the West is becoming aware of the need to ease the sanctions against russia, which is another reason for ending the conflict. At the same time, russia is successfully overcoming the consequences of Western sanctions, those consequences are allegedly insignificant for the russian economy, according to the CCD.
  • The supply of Western weapons is not helping Ukraine. Propagandists wrote that the supply of Western weapons did not lead to a breakthrough in the hostilities, but only prolonged the conflict. The UAF do not know how to effectively use Western weapons, the russian armed forces either destroy or seize the Western weapons delivered to Ukraine.
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