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BukNews temporarily closes down: chief editor Yuriy Chorney drafted into the army

29.09.2023, 16:10
Photo: Yuriy Chorney on Facebook
Photo: Yuriy Chorney on Facebook

The news portal BukNews (Chernivtsi) temporarily closed down due to the chief editor, Yuriy Chorney, being drafted into the Ukrainian Armed Forces, reports the website.

Yuriy Chorney is the founder of the website and has been the only journalist providing content for it.

In the post, the editor-in-chief notes that he will serve as an officer responsible for the moral upbringing of soldiers.

"The state decided that it needs me not as an artilleryman, but as an officer responsible for the moral upbringing of soldiers. From what the servicepeople who have already managed to visit the frontline told us, this job is not too complicated, but has its specifics. For example, I will have to monitor alcohol abuse among the soldiers. Even by searcing the parcels which are being sent to them by relatives and friends. No metamodern for you here," the journalist wrote.

Yuriy Chorney states that the work of BukNews, which "has more or less managed to feed his family since 2012, can be seen as done."

"A return to the media field, even if I am lucky enough to survive without being crippled or losing the last of my health, is almost impossible. Time does not stand still, the empty place is quickly filled by new outlets, and old journalists get replaced by new ones," he wrote.

He said that he had created a workplace for himself and doubted that he would easily find a job after a time in the army.

"Unlike people who come to the Armed Forces from a specific workplace, I created mine myself. Having registered as a private entrepreneur (the enlistment office said that they would issue a certificate to my wife to hand over to the tax office in order to suspend my entrepreneur activity). After two years (if I'm lucky) of service in the Armed Forces – having acquired a bunch of mental and physical issues, perhaps – I will be unlikely to easily find a job in Chernivtsi. As a journalist, I know first-hand how the system treats used assets. I don't have any wealthy and influential friends who would surely come to my aid, either. So I already know that things will be difficult," added Yuriy Chorney.

Yuriy Chorney is a historian, journalist, laureate of the 2009 All-Ukrainian Ivan Franko Award for information activities.

He has been a professional journalist since 2002, as well as the founder and current editor of the online portal "BukNews: All Bukovyna News".

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