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Broadcasters were reminded about honoring the memory of victims of mass executions on October 27

26.10.2017, 13:28
National council for TV and Radio Broadcasting reminded TV and radio companies about the necessity to amend their broadcasting programs due to the day of commemoration of mass executions of Ukrainian intellectuals 80 years ago in area of Sandamokh on October 27. This information was published at the website of the National council. “Area in Medvezhyegorsk rayon of the Republic of Karelia was the burial grounds for the prisoners of Solovki camps who were executed in the mainland, and the prisoners of Bilomorsko-Baltiyskiy channel. On October 27 and on November 1 – 4 in 1937, 1111 people were executed here, among them - 170 Ukrainians. These people were writers, scientists and actors. The area of Sandarmokh as the burial ground of secret police became known in 1997 when researcher from Petrozavodsk Yuriy Dmytriev and the head of "Memorial" from Petersburg Veniamin Ioffe found this information in the archives. In total, on the territory, 236 execution pits were found”, the message of the National Council reads. The regulator reminds about the Rules of broadcasting in the days of mourning and memorial days.
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