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Bilokobylsky is held hostage in LPR’s "Military Commandant Office"

27.09.2014, 00:18

Luhansk journalist Oleksander Bilokobylsky, who was last heard from on September 13, is being held in the building of the so-called Military Commandant Office of Luhansk People’s Republic in Luhansk. This became known thanks to the journalist’s wife Ksenia Tretiakova.

According to her, Bilokobylsky was placed in the Military Commandant Office on September 23. His family has been informed that he is alive but they haven’t talked to him.

On September 13, Oleksander Bilokobylsky went from Kharkiv, where he lives, to his native Luhansk to bring his relatives food, medications, and money. He was nowhere to be found. On September 16, his wife received a text message from an unknown number signed with her husband’s name that informed her that he was alive but currently unable to go back.  

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